Stage: Pre-Alpha

  • All Basic jobs will be free during the Alpha launch, with the option to upgrade your Basic package or purchase the Featured package coming in Beta.
  • Automatically posting your job to Google Jobs Network is still under development, and will be done manually by us for the time being.

Remote Jamstack is under active development and has been regularly pushing out updates. We strive to be transparent on what we do and publish all new features & upcoming requests we'd like to work on to this public roadmap.

  • Integrate rest of form fields for accounts and creating jobs
  • Update and style Jobs tables to reflect form fields
  • Design and style Job details page with all information available
  • Integrate more signup options for the Sign Up page
  • Create and setup the Login page
  • Plan out and setup Settings page
  • Plan out and setup Profile page
Up Next
  • Stripe integration for purchasing jobs with upgrades
  • Add rich-text editing for Description fields
  • Fix User menu dropdown not closing when logged in
  • Convert Job ID routes into SEO-friendly slug urls
  • Add better SEO metadata with NextSEO
  • Setup dynamic sitemaps
  • Design and build out an About page
  • Add home FAQ section for jobs with popular questions
  • Style and adjust Employers CTA section after beta launch
  • Add "Why Us?" feature section on Employers page
  • Setup Blog
  • Create a Privacy Policy and setup page
  • Create Terms and Conditions and setup page
  • Create a 3-column feature section for landing page explaining Jamstack
  • Algolia Search integration for jobs
  • Search filter integration on Jobs page
  • Night mode based on color-scheme and user preferences
  • Job alerts for new submissions
  • Internationalization with react-i18next
  • Make site performance great with high Lighthouse scores
  • Fix console verbose violations with FOUC and forced reflow
  • List Feature section on homepage with Jamstack agencies
  • Integrate Google Analytics API for site metrics
  • Integrate FormSpree API for email subscriber count
  • Create a Blog section for landing page with latest posts
  • Design and build out a FAQ page if there's enough questions
  • Re-check image and svg optimization
  • Make site and links more accessible
  • Framer Motion integration for in-viewport transitions
  • Third-Party Jobs section pulling in API from other related jobs
  • Design and setup Services/Running Costs page
  • Design and setup potential Advertising page
  • Design and setup Stack page
  • Pay Later option for forwarding payment link

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